Revoking Your License (Windows).


Micro Focus License Administration: Revoking your License

If you wish to move your permanent license from one machine to another you will need to revoke your license on the original machine. This will release the license so that you can reinstall it.
Please note that once an authorisation code has reached its activation limit, it cannot be reused for rehost purposes. A revoke must be carried out to release the license.

This process is for those who have authorisation codes, rather than Pre-Authorised licenses.

Click on the Revoke button beside the license that you wish to remove. On the next screen confirm that you would like to revoke this license. The system will connect to the server and release the license. If this is successful, there will be a message in green: Licenses revoked, and a new authorisation code will be displayed for you to use on the new machine.


If the Revoke process fails, an error message will appear:

                      Click on OK and the license manager will display your License Revocation Ticket (LRT). This is displayed as a license string and also stored on your machine. Click on the URL provided on screen ( to complete a manual revoke and receive your authorisation code for the new installation.

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