Installing PA Keys (.mflic files) on Windows



You will have received the license files as part of your order. These files have the format xxxxxxx.mflic. Save the file to the machine where they will be installed.

-          Open the License Administrator,

-          Click on the “Install” tab and browse to the .mflic file

-          Click on Open and then on Install Licenses.

-          Alternatively, you can drag/drop the .mflic file onto the license file box or copy and paste the licenses into the box below:

If the license installs successfully, the following message will appear:

The licenses will appear in the Summary tab of the License Manager.

If you need to rehost the license and move it to another station, click on Remove and the license will be uninstalled. A message will appear to confirm where your .mflic file has been stored so that you can retrieve it and install on the new machine.

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