Setting Up a License Server (Windows).


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Micro Focus License Administration: Setting up a License Server

If you have received an authorisation code for a concurrent license, you will need to install this on a license server. For further information on how to activate your license, please view the activating your license video.

Once the authorisation code has been activated on the License server, you will need to point your client machines to the license server.

Please ensure that the Micro Focus License Administration tool is installed on each of your client machines.

-          On the client machine, start the License Administration tool.

-          Click on Options| Advanced Configuration

-          The License Server field will be showing the IP Address: which is the local host.

-          To set up a connection with the license server, you will need to know the IP Address of the license server.

-          Click on CHANGE beside this field and after the local host add :licenseserverip and click on save.

                        The new value should look like this:

-          The license from the license server should now appear in your license list. The hosted column will show the IP Address from the license server.

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