Created On:  23 October 2012


Customer installed the Visual COBOL 2.1 product over an existing install of Visual COBOL 2.0.

Now applications that used ACU or RM File handler previously do not run correctly as the ACUFH.DLL and other related files appear to be missing from the Visual COBOL\bin folder.

How can this be resolved?


The problem occurs because of an internal versioning number problem with the Vision file support.  The Visual COBOL 2.0 product has a version number for these files which is greater than the version number in the VC 2.1 product so they are being left out of the install.

To correct this, open up Control Panel-->Programs and select Visual COBOL and choose Repair.

You can also uninstall the product and then reinstall using the Visual COBOL 2.1 installer only.