License files are by default created in /tmp directory. Can this be changed?



If the /tmp directory is cleaned up, it will remove license related files which are by default created in the /tmp directory.


There are two types of file stored in /tmp by default.

The socket file which is used to communicate between mfcesd and the COBOL apps.

This file can be relocated by setting socketdir (e.g. socketdir=/var/microfocuslicensing/socket) in ces.ini (needs version 10000.2.02090 or later and the folder will need to be created with 666 permissions ).  NOTE: The file is abstract on Linux systems so there should be no issue.


The second type is the lock file (mfcesd.lock).

This is used to prevent a second copy of mfcesd from running and to help identify the mfcesd process when stopping it vis etc.

This file being removed is less important, but you need to be aware this may cause issues with starting/stopping mfcesd.

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