PRN of install product does not Match PRN of update product



When attempting to install a Visual COBOL product on a Unix/Linux machine the following error is encountered.
PRN of product at /...
does not match PRN of update product.
PRN of install product :- .....
PRN of update product :-...


Some users have COBDIR set in either /etc/profile or .profile, or a similar login profile. Fix packs and hot fixes require that COBDIR set to the directory COBOL is installed. A check in the install is then performed to validate version of COBOL installed there matches the version contained in the hot fix or fix pack. In this situation ensure COBDIR is set to the COBOL installation directory that is the update target.

Complete product installs, such as updates, should be performed in an empty or newly created directory. In these situations, COBDIR should not be defined. If COBDIR is set, then the solution is to unset COBDIR. This will enable the installation of the complete product.




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