Location of cobsetenv on Unix/Linux



The cobsetenv shell script is used to set the COBOL environment for Visual COBOL products on Unix and Linux. This includes Visual COBOL for Eclipse, Enterprise Developer, and COBOL Server.
In the Release Notes for Visual COBOL for Eclipse, the reader is instructed to run  cobsetenv from the location below:

. /opt/microfocus/VisualCOBOL/bin/cobsetenv

The actual location of this scirpt is in $COBDIR/bin where COBDIR is the installation location for COBOL. The instructions in the Release Guide point to the location of cobsetenv based on the default location of COBOL,  which is  /opt/microfocus/VisualCOBOL. The instructions are incorrect if COBOL is not installed in the default directory.


The correct location of cobsetenv is displayed on the terminal at the end of the installation. Note the installation location of COBOL and prepend that path to /bin/cobsetenv to build the absolute path for cobsetenv.




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