Configuring Remote Connections to use SSH



When setting up a Remote Connection on Visual COBOL DevHub using SSH, the Visual COBOL Eclipse Client is unable to set up a project on the remote server with DevHub Installed.


1. Ensure that remote desktop option daemon has been started on the remote server.

    To check for this log on to the remote server and  run ps -ef | grep 4075 from the remote server's shell.

If the server has been started, the output will display something like:

     "/usr/bin/perl  -w .........remotedev/rseserver/rseserver-3.5/ 4075" 

If the daemon has not been started, then start the daemon in the foillowing manner as root:

        Run "cobsetenv" to set your environment such as  ".  /opt/microfocus/devhub221/bin/cobsetenv"

        Then run "$COBDIR/remotedev/startrdodaemon & " to start the server.

2. In the DStore Connector Service, Remote Server Launcher,  Launcher Properties, note that default location to launch a remote launcher is the value below:

sh -c "/opt/microfocus/VisualCOBOL/remotedev/startrdoserver 0"

in which /opt/microfocus/VisualCOBOL is the default installation location for Visual COBOL Development Hub.

If DevHub has not been installed in the default location, edit the string to point to the actual installation location of DevHub and Click on Finish to complete the new Connection.





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