When attempting to Install Visual COBOL Development Hub, Visual COBOL for Eclipse, Enterprise Developer, or Enterprise Server for Unix or Linux, the following message is received.

Problem backing up /VisualCOBOL to /VisualCOBOL.BKP..   ("VisualCOBOL" being the intended installation location of the Visual COBOL product.) Unable to continue with update of product.



It is possible that you are attempting to install in the root directory of a mount point.   The installer attempts to backup the existing directory to a name.BKP directory at  the same level, if the installation directory value chosen is an existing directory. For example, if the installation chosed, is /opt/microfocus/cobol, the installer will attempt to back up the directory as /opt/microfocus/cobol.BKP.

However,  this is not feasible in Unix or Linux if the installation directory is the root directory of a mount point. You will need to specify a directory one level under the mount point to continue the installaton.