Created On:  10 October 2012


How can I improve the performance of my EZASOKET CICS application deployed to Enterprise Server?


By default the CICS CSKL listener will put out messages to the console when a client application connects to run a transaction:

121010 16482581      12472 EZATEST  CASOP0000I 01 of 02 From (,,CSKL) EZY1325I 10/10/12 16:48:25 START SUCCESSFUL TRANID=EZT1 PARTNER INET 
121010 16482601      12472 EZATEST  CASOP0000I 02 of 02 From (,,CSKL) ADDR= PORT=  8087

With many clients these messages can be an overhead. Using the EZAC transaction it is possible to suppress the generation of these messages. If you run EZAC ALT CICS you can configure this as per the screenshot below.

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