How to extract the License Server installation from Visual Cobol 2.2



In runtime version Server 2.1 Update 1 and earlier, it was possible to perform an independent installation for the Liense Server, by extracing it from the installation file using the -ExtractCab switch.

In version 2.2 this switch is no longer available, so how is this performed with version 2.2?


Attached to this article is an archive called "".

This utility is part of the WiX toolset, which can be used to create MSI’s and wrapper EXE’s.

Decompress the attached zip and run, for example:

 >dark.exe -x d:\decomp cs2010_22.exe


d:\decomp is the folder where you want the files extracted to.

cs2010_22.exe is the "Cobol Server 2.2 for Visual Studio 2010" software executable.

Inside d:\decomp, is an ‘AttachedContainer’ folder which in turn has the various MSI’s and pre-requisite EXE’s.  The license server installation software is located in the sub-folder called lmsetup where lmsetupx86.msi is the 32-bit installer and lmsetupx64.msi is the 64-bit installer.

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  • Chris,

    I used IOBIT uninstaller to uninstall ED and VC, unfortunately, it did not work.  It did however delete I suppose the above fix will not work.  I am sorry I am making this so difficult for you.  Is there any way to use the registry to to delete ED and VC?not sure this is doable but I thought I would ask.



  • Chris,

    I tried iobit uninstaller and unfortunately, it did not work. It did get rid of cs2010_22.exe, though.  So the above solution will not work!  I am sorry I am making this so difficult.  Is there any way to get  rid of VC and ED via the registry? The only MF items I have on my machine are the ones we're trying to get rid of and if there are more I don't use them. The only other thing is the VC 2.3 installer.



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