Created On:  17 February 2011


The Visual COBOL product is governed by SafeNet licensing and, as such, the user of the product will have to insert an authorization code (issued on purchase of product) in order to license the product. If the machine, on which the product is installed, is not connected to the Internet, a license string has to be generated on the back of the authorization code and the ID of the machine in question, and inserted into the appropriate field in the License Management System tool.

There appears to be an issue in that the Micro Focus license server generates a license string with empty lines between the various components of the product and an empty line after the last component. So, having applied the license string with these empty lines, the license administration tool within the product is unable to handle the license string.


Simply edit the license string (see attached LicenseString.txt file) by removing the empty lines between the components and after the last component. This problem will be addressed in a future update of the product.
Incident #2502525