Debugging remote projects where source and executables are on different machines



How to configure Visual COBOL for Eclipse for debugging when the source is located on a different machine to the code which is being executed.


First create a remote project for Machine A.

For this demonstration this project contains the source for tictac.cbl with some of the code replaced by procedural copybooks.


Next, build the project to GNT. FTP the generated GNT and IDY files to the second system (Machine B) and delete the GNT and IDY files from Machine A.

Now create a second remote project for Machine B, pointing to the location of the GNT and IDY files.


In Project Properties, Project References selecte the remote Machine A project.


Now build this second project.

You now have two projects on two different machines.  Source is on Machine A with the executable GNT and debug information IDY files on Machine B.

To debug you must create a debug launch perspective for a COBOL Application, de-select “program is part of a project build configuration” (under Main Program) and browse to the GNT file on Machine B.


In the Source tab add the remote COBOL Project on Machine A using Add, COBOL Project then select the Machine A project. The source tab should now look like this:

Select Apply followed by debug and the debug session will begin:

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