Created On:  21 September 2012


An ACUCOBOL program running on Linux gets the following error message: "Missing required termcap function `cm' in entry for `dumb'"


As the program is run via Thin Client, it's possible that the environments may be different between server users.

Here's an easy way to determine the environment in which the runtime is running:

Use a command-line instruction like this to determine the environment from the user's prompt:

env > env-from-prompt.txt
Then, run this code from within the runtime, using C$SYSTEM:

MOVE "env > env-from-runtime.txt" TO WS-CMD-LINE CALL "C$SYSTEM" USING WS-CMD-LINE,            CSYS-SHELL        GIVING EXIT-STATUS
At the end, compare the two .txt files.

In this particular case, this comparison showed a mismatch between the two TERM environment variables:

(prompt environment)

(Thin client environment)

To resolve the mismatch, it's necessary to run this command-line instruction in the environment used by the runtime/thin client:

export TERM=xterm