Created On:  03 November 2011


A full license is already installed and displayed in the "Check License Status" of the Micro Focus Licensing Administration utility (cesadmintool) on the UNIX server (see below):

Micro Focus Licensing Administration                                   
[Nov 4, 2011 10:27:23 AM] v10000.2.00580                               
Welcome to the Micro Focus Licensing Administration utility.           
Please select an option from the menu below.                           
 1. Online Authorization.                                              
 2. Check License Status.                                              
 3. Advanced Configuration Options.                                    
 4. Manual License Installation.                                       
 5. Revoke Licenses.                                                   
 6. Get Machine Id.                                                    
99. Exit                                                               
Enter Option: 2                                                        
Licensed Products                                                      
[Nov 4, 2011 10:27:25 AM] v10000.2.00580                               
Name                                Type             Days Left  Hosted 
Visual COBOL Dev Hub                Authorized               -  local  


However, when trying to compile a program, get the following compilation error:

$ cob -i tictac.cbl                                       
Execution error : file ''                                                      
error code: 247, pc=0, call=1, seg=0                                           
247     Licensing error (Error[37]: Duration of Trial License of SolarNativeRuntime is exhausted.)                                                             
cob64: error(s) in compilation: tictac.cbl 


Login as root and restart the CES daemon (license daemon):

[root@ ~]# cd /var/microfcuslicensing/bin
[root@/var/microfcuslicensing/bin]# ./                                  
Cycling Micro Focus License Daemon                                             
   Shutting down...                                                            
        Micro Focus CES daemon stopped.                                        
   Restarting down...                                                          
        Micro Focus CES daemon running, version 10000.2.00580                  
Process complete.                                                              

Check to see if the CES daemon is running:

[root@/var/microfcuslicensing/bin]# ./mfcesdchk                             
CES daemon running, version 10000.2.00580 

If "" does not work and you're required to clean up the license files (i.e. remove the contents of the license files and reinstall the license), especially after a crash occurs, then you should try shutting down the licensing completely.  Run the following commands to stop the license daemon and then the license server, before starting them again: