Created On:  21 September 2012


There is a known issue when installing or running Micro Focus products after having previously uninstalled the runtime product Server for COBOL 5.0. When attempting to start, for example, Net Express or run a Net Express application, you may encounter the error ‘Micro Focus License Manager service is not running’. You may also be unable to view license information in the License Management Configuration tool.

This is caused by having installed runtime licenses in the previous installation of Server for COBOL 5.0. This affects registry permissions rendering them inaccessible to subsequent installations of Micro Focus products.

This issue was subsequently addressed and fixed in version 5.1 of Server for COBOL.


1. Download and decompress the attachment FIXREG.ZIP into a temporary folder.

2. From an administrator's command prompt navigate to the temporary folder and run FIXREG.BAT

3. Once these steps have been carried out the issue should be resolved and the product/application should function as expected.
Incident #2588557