Created On:  21 December 2012


If you use keybcf to configure any key which starts with the escape character as the first character in its sequence, you cannot use the Escape key.


In order to resolve this, configure the Escape function as escape escape, that is, two escapes. You are then able to use this function by pressing Escape twice.

Use adiscf to set the compatibility key list option in the ADISCTRL file.

Use option 22 for this.

Use option 2 to say use the compatibility key list.

Save and exit adiscf.

Now you can configure the cobkeymp file, using keybcf. Function key 0 press x getting into hex inputmode. Type in 1b 1b   ( press the space bar) press return.

The escape key is now configured it will return a 1, 0, 0 in crt-status when you press the escape key twice in the application.

Make sure the x’1B’ is not configured anywhere else if it is remove it check function key 27.

Use the review option to look at the compatibility key list the escape key in function 0 should look like the following.

Save and exit when running a application pressing the escape key twice will return a crt-status of 1 , 0, 0.

Setting up ADISCTRL and cobkeymp using adiscf and keybcf refer to documentation on internet.

There are Program examples in here as well.

Incident #2598887