Created On:  13 June 2011


After developing a native code application using Visual COBOL for Visual Studio R3 it was deployed to a computer where COBOLRuntime2010 product was installed. A valid license for COBOLRuntime2010 had been installed and shows correctly under MF License Manager.  When running the application on this system an error 245 occurs with the following message:    No Valid Product Licenses


Licensing for the COBOLRuntime2010 product was changed between R2 and R3 of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio.  If you had installed a license that was generated for R2 initially then it will fail with this error message.  Contact Micro Focus Support and have them generate a new license using product type COBOLRuntime2010 Production.  This will generate the appropriate key for COBOLRuntime2010-Deploy in the license database file.
Incident #2522698