Program using ACCEPT/DISPLAY drops a character displayed on line 25 position 79



Customer is using ACCEPT/DISPLAY statements in a Visual COBOL native program to perform screen I-O.

The screen that they have defined is 80 characters by 30 lines.
They are displaying data on line 25 and the character that should be displayed in column 79 is being dropped.
Why and how can this be fixed?


There are several positions on the screen to which error messages and indicators are displayed by the ACCEPT/DISPLAY screen handling module and by default these are set on row 25.

You can configure these to display on a different line or column by using the ADISCF utility.

Open up a Visual COBOL command prompt and do a cd to your project folder and enter the command:


to start the accept/display configuration utility.
Press F2-Alter
Press F7 positions

Change the locations to the desired ones and then press Enter to return to menu.
Press Esc key to return to main menu and then press F4 to save.
Press F3 to overwrite current configuration then press Enter to accept the default configuration.
Press Esc once more to exit.

This will create or update a file called ADISCTRL in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\etc folder which will contain the modified options.

You will need to include this file in your application folder when deploying the application so that the changes will take effect in production also.

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