Created On:  13 July 2012


Although a full permission (i.e. Administrator) is granted, the following command line to install COBOL Server 2.0 on a network drive fails:
COBOLServer20.exe /q /componentargs "Micro Focus COBOL Server":"INSTALLDIR=S:\COBOLsrv20"

The install aborts with the following error message:
"The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: S:\COBOLsrv20. The installer cannot continue. Logon as an administrator or contact your system administrator."

%TMP%\COBOLServerx86_install_log.txt reports the following error:
Product: Micro Focus COBOL Server -- Error 1327. Invalid Drive: S:\
Error 1327. Invalid Drive: S:\


This is an issue with Microsoft Installer not allowing to install a software on the network mapped drive.

To workaround the problem, you may use instead the actual UNC behind the mapped drive.

Given the UNC behind S drive is \\machine-name\share\, the command to install COBOL Server 2.0 would be the following:

COBOLServer20.exe /q /componentargs "Micro Focus COBOL Server":"INSTALLDIR=\\machine-name\share\COBOLsrv20"
The above will result to have COBOL Server 2.0 installed on S:\COBOLsrv20.

Incident #2579618