Created On:  12 November 2012


The Visual COBOL file handler can be configured via a configuration file.    The full details of the configuration file can be found in the Visual COBOL documentation.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the behaviour of the file handler when the FOLDER tag configuration is used.

The FOLDER tag has the format, for example, of:


The documentation states that this instructs the file handler to read all files in c:\files\data as RM/COBOL indexed data files.


However it should be noted that this doesn't only apply to the c:\files\data folder but also to all sub folders too, for example c:\files\data\sub1, c:\files\data\sub2, c:\files\data\sub1\subZ etc.

NB:  There is a known problem with the FOLDER tag option in Visual COBOL 2.1 for Unix, in that it doesn't parse the folder path correctly.   This is addressed in Visual COBOL 2.1 Hot Fix 1.