Created On:  30 April 2012


Failed to authorize the Authorization Code over the web.  Even when using the Manual Authorization option, it says the license is installed but nothing was displayed on the 'Licenses' tab of the 'Micro Focus Licensing System Administration' window.


The license files, lservrc.stn and, are located in:

C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus - for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Micro Focus - for Windows XP

Follow these instructions:

1.   Create a copy of the and lservrc.stn files.

2.   If you see the word "STANDALONE" in the license strings, then open the lservrc.stn file using
      notepad or wordpad. 
      If you see the word "NETWORK" in the license strings, then open the file.

3.   If the license file is empty after using the Manual Authorization method to install the license
      strings, then copy and paste the license strings directly into the license file and save the file.

4.   If the license strings are already in the license file, then close the file.

5.   Click on the Control Panel, then click on 'Administrative Tools' and finally click on 'Services'.

6.   Stop the "Micro Focus CES daemon" service.
7.   Stop the "Sentinel RMS License Manager" service.
8.   Start the "Sentinel RMS License Manager" service.

9.   Start the "Micro Focus CES daemon" service.

10.  Run License Management System and click on the 'Licenses' tab again.  Check to confirm the
       product license is displayed. 

If the product license is still not displayed in the 'Licenses' tab, send the following files and
screenshots to Micro Focus Supportline (

Located in the same directory: 
-    lservrc.stn
-    ces.ini
-    *.log

-    the 'Licenses' tab of the 'Micro Focus Licensing System Administration' window.
-    the 'Services' window showing both the "Micro Focus CES daemon" service and the "Sentinel
     RMS License Manager" service.

Incident #2570492