Created On:  19 October 2012


When a Visual COBOL installation fails, is there any way to get more information on what the installer was doing?


There are a number of ways to get more information on what the installer is doing and finely control the installation process.  All of these options can be found if you use the -mfhelp flag.  Most of these options are for internal Micro Focus testing, however several, such as -extractonly, can be useful for diagnosing installation issues.

Depending on where in the installation process the error has occurred you should see a log file in the current directoy.  The log file may also appear in /tmp or /opt/microfocus/logs.  Examining the log file should help diagnose the cause of the problem and should be submitted to Customer Care if reporting an installation problem.

Also, it is possible to manually install the product.  Splitting the install into different steps will allow you to see exactly wher the problem occurs.

The following example shows how to manually install Visual COBOL Development Hub 2.1 on an AIX system:

1.  ./setup_visualcobol_devhub_2.1_aix_systemp -extractonly

There should now be an install.pax in the current directory

2.  pax -rf install.pax

This will extract the contents of the install.pax file, exposing the installer directory structure.

3.  cd VisualCOBOL2.1

4.  sh ./

If step 4 fails then re-run with sh -x ./ to get additional debug output from the shell.

Incident #2596802