Dialog System application fails with RTS 173 on mfdir2



A Dialog System application fails with the following error when it does a CALLOUT to "dsdir":

Load error: file 'mfdir2'
error code: 173, pc=0, call=1, seg=0,
173 Called program file not found in drive/directory.


This RTS 173 on 'mfdir2' occurs when the application is linked as 'Console Application' in Visual COBOL. It should be linked as 'Windows Application' instead.

Here are the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. open the project in Visual Studio
  2. open the project properties
  3. select Windows Application from the Output Type drop-down under Application properties
  4. rebuild the project
  5. redeploy the application

The equivalent of the above from the command line is to use the -g switch in the cbllink command, e.g. cbllink -g -v -re ...

Fano R. | Support Engineer | Micro Focus


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