COBOL application fails with error code 245



Although Micro Focus License Manager indicates COBOL Server licenses are installed, the COBOL application fails with the following error:
Execution error : file ''
error code: 245, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
245     There are no valid product licenses


Back in Net Express, the COBOL runtime system files were exactly the same as in Server for COBOL, so it was possible to use either files to be deployed with COBOL applications. This practice is no longer valid in Visual COBOL and COBOL Server.

The COBOL runtime system files in Visual COBOL and COBOL Server require their own specific license. That is, using the COBOL runtime system files from Visual COBOL requires Visual COBOL license, and using the COBOL runtime system files from COBOL Server requires COBOL Server license.

COBOL Server is the deployment product, and only its files should be used for deployment.

The above error is a result of running a COBOL application that uses COBOL runtime system files (e.g. CBLRTSM.DLL, CBLDWINM.DLL, etc.) from Visual COBOL on a deployment environment.

Fano R. | Support Engineer | Micro Focus

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