Runtime error 114 when embedding ActiveX-Control in a DialogSystem screenset


We are currently working with a test license of VisualCobol 7.0 (for Eclipse) under Windows.
We would like to upgrade from NetExpress 5.1 and check what problems arise in our application.

Our user interface is based on DialogSystem.

Everything seems to work except for two cases in which a runtime error 114 occurs when embedding an ActiveX control in a DialogSystem screenset.

1. When attempting to embed the CrystalReports viewer into a screenset, this crash occurs.
2. If a control encapsulated by us in VB (VSFlexGrid from ComponentOne) is to be integrated, then this crash also occurs. Interestingly, it doesn't happen in this case if the VSFlexGrid is embedded directly into a screenset without encapsulation.

Does anyone know this problem and how can it be fixed?
We have included a few more ActiveX controls in our application. None of the other controls lead to this problem.



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