Issue: RPM Patch Update Installer for 4.0 Products may remove product



When using the “-U” option with the 4.0 Patch Update product, the base product is removed leaving no product files on the machine.

Example Install Scenario:

  • Customer has Micro Focus Development Hub 4.0 installed.
  • They want to install Micro Focus Development Hub 4.0 Patch Update 1.
  • They run “rpm –U visualcobol_devhub_4.0_patchupdate01_redhat_x86_64.rpm”
  • This runs without error but once complete there are no product files on the machine.

Code was added into the 4.0 RPM installer to remove any files left behind in the installer directory when the product was removed.  This was added to the post uninstall RPM section of the installer.

When an upgrade is performed the base products post uninstall actions are triggered and so the tidy code is run, resulting in all the product files being removed.


Code has now been added to the tidy script to ensure it only runs on a true uninstall and not during an upgrade.


This issue affects upgrading from the following products.

  • 4.0 GA
  • 4.0 Patch Update 1
  • 4.0 Patch Update 2
  • 4.0 Patch Update 3

This issue has been fixed in Patch Update 4 but because the uninstall function is run from the previous installed product this issue will only go away once Patch Update 4 is the base product and is being upgraded to Patch Update 5 or higher.


If the customer has installed a Patch Update via RPM -U and found the product is now missing they need to perform the following steps.

The product files have been removed from the machine but RPM still has the product installed.  So the RPM database need to be updated.

  • rpm –qa | grep Micro
  • rpm -e <package name from above command that pertains to the product being updated>

This will remove the product from the RPM database and save any confusion in the future.

Now just run the Patch Update installer with the normal options used for an install.

  • rpm –I < Patch Update RPM file>

The Patch update is a full install so all files found in the GA product plus those fixed and delivered in the Patch Update are installed.

If the customer has not yet run the Upgrade process they just need to remove the currently installed product and then install.

  • rpm –qa | grep Micro
  • rpm -e <package name from above command>
  • rpm –I < Patch Update RPM file>
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