Some ANSI characters read from ISAM files do not display correctly in WPF TextBox controls

over 7 years ago


Customer has an application that is reading an indexed file which contains sveral fields defined as PIC X.
These fields may contain ANSI characters like the German ä/ö/ü/ß"...

After reading a record and moving a field containing these characters to a TextBox control the characters are not being displayed properly.

The move statement looks like:

      move field1 to textBox1::Text

How can these characters be displayed correctly in the textbox control?


If the field that you are reading in is defined as PIC X then it will be read as ANSI data.

The TextBox::Text property uses Unicode as do all .NET strings so the data needs to be converted before it is displayed.

The following example will work where my-ansi-field would contain German characters read from a file:

   01 my-ansi-field pic x(5).
   01 myarray type Byte[].
        set myarray to my-ansi-field
        set self::textBox1::Text to type System.Text.Encoding::Default::GetString(myarray)


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