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I would like to use the CBL2XML tool, to convert the attached XSD schemas. I have tried to use the versions included in Visual Cobol 6.0 and Net Express 5.1.19 in the 32 and 64 b versions from the CMD and also the wizard version CBL2XMLWZ.exe, and in all of them, it crashes, does not generate the cpy on demand, and forces to close the session. In the past with NE 5.0 versions I remember that CBL2XML did work.

From the command interface, I try to run CBL2XML according to the help, and it always crashes, and does nothing.

For example.

"D:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus CBL2XML.exe" -c tbai12.cpy -p -noprompt -nocountin -uniqUE "TICKETbAI V1-2.XSD"

Micro Focus CBL2XML
Copyright (C) Micro Focus 1984-2020. All rights reserved.

Checking TICKETbAI V1-2.XSD for errors

Validating TICKETbAI V1-2.XSD for well-formedness.

And it stays permanently validating, until the session is closed.

can you inform me, how should I proceed.

Or if CBL2XML does not work anymore...

Thank you.


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