Visual COBOL Checker: error COBCH1504 : I-O error : 9/181



A Visual COBOL solution can be built without issues on a Windows 7 64-bit box, using Visual Studio 2010.
After having moved the solution directory to a shared location on the local intranet, the compilation process abends with the following error:

------ Rebuild All started: Project: MyProject, Configuration: Debug x86 ------
* Compiling K:\MyDirectory\MyProject\MyProgram.cbl
K:\MyDirectory\MyProject\MyProgram.cbl (1234,5) : error COBCH1504 : I-O error : 9/181 obj\x86\Debug\
 COBOL compile: 0 item(s) succeeded or up-to-date, 1 failed.
Build of project "MyProgram.cblproj" NON COMPLETED.


The issue is caused by the fact that the remote location, often a network drive, is considered as an unknown file system and allows 32-bit access by default.
This may cause the Visual COBOL checker to stop with an error, being launched from a 64-bit Operating System.

To force the checker to activate the 64-bit access to the remote drive, set the following tunable to TRUE:

remote_64bit_access TRUE

This tunable can be set in a configuration file, i.e.: myconf.cfg.

The configuration file can be made available to the checker setting the following environment variable:

set COBCONFIG_=C:\MyDirectory\myconf.cfg

Claudio Contardi
Product Support Engineer, Senior
Micro Focus

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