Created On:  03 March 2011


Net Express in Studio Enterprise Edition 6.0 fails with the following error:

Micro Focus CesAdminTool failed to launch

Unable to initialise: error(5): Cannot talk to license server on host "localhost". Server may not be running.


You need to look at the value specified for lshost in CES.INI that is located in “C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Micro Focus” or in “C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\” on more recent Windows.

If the license server is installed on the same machine, then its value should be If it is on a different machine, then the name of the remote machine should be specified. You then need to make sure this remote machine can be accessed through the network.

Here are few things to look into if the remote machine cannot be contacted through the network: the firewall on the client machine is blocking access outbound, or the firewall on the remote machine is blocking port 5093 inbound, or DNS is not resolving the remote machine name, or any other physical factors that prevent the remote machine to be contacted through network.
Incident #2455309