Created On:  29th November 2012


In Visual COBOL for Eclipse, when compiling a remote project which includes DB2 directives it fails with an error:

    [cobol] Compiling (64-bit) Program1.cob...
    [cobol] Load error : file ''
    [cobol] error code: 198, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
    [cobol] 198     Load failure (No such file or directory)
    [cobol] cob64: error(s) in compilation:


Before starting the RSE server process via the script $COBDIR/remotedev/startrdodaemon the environment must be correctly configured so that the DB2 libraries can be found.  The environment can be configured using the db2profile script provided with DB2 in the sqllib directory located in the home directory of the DB2 instance user.  For example, you could create a script to set the environment then call the startrdodaemon script. 

NOTE, this example assumes that the DB2 instace user is db2inst1.

> cat startdb2rdo
. ~db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile