Created On:  17 October 2012


It is possible to call Cobol sub programs but in Eclipse but am not aware of how this can be done. In Visual Studio you can set the output folder for the .exe and/or Dlls from any project to the same folder so e.g. ProgramA will find ProgramB.  But under Eclipse this can´t be done, the output folder needs to be under the Project the source is created in.


Please do the following to resolve this issue:

•         In your calling project (ie the one built to an exe which calls the others), right click and bring up the project properties.
•         Open the ‘Micro Focus COBOL’ section
•         Click on the ‘’Build Path’ item to see the build settings
•         Select the tab called ‘Projects’
•         Now click the ‘Add...’ button and select the projects that contain the dlls you want to call.  This will add those output directories to the path.
When run, your program should now find the dlls.  Note that you may need to preload entry points if the dll name is not the same as the entry you are trying to call. This allows the output paths of other projects to be picked up.
Incident #2590159