Created On:  03 October 2012


Customer is converting from Server Express 5.1 on AIX to Visual COBOL Dev Hub 2.1 on AIX.

He is using a cobconfig.cfg file that sets the run-time tunable multi_close_limit=10.

This does not cause a problem under Server Express but under Dev Hub 2.1 it causes an error in the config file handling.

Is this tunable still supported?


The multi_close_limit tunable was originally introduced because of a problem where the runtime ran out of file handles when repeatedly opening and closing the same file, in certain circumstances.

The runtime was changed to allow re-use of file handles for equivalent access modes.

The support for the multi_close_tunable was disabled in Visual COBOL 2.1 but it has actually been unsupported since about Server Express 2.2.

Removing the tunable from the cobconfig file will resolve the problem.

Incident #2594590