Webinar: Automation and the Mainframe


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Neil Ward-Dutton, IDC Analyst; Que Mangus, Product Marketing Manager & Kris Lall, Senior Product Manager, Micro Focus

About this talk

Automation, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key initiative with many organizations to improve productivity and reduce costs. With so much important business data housed on the mainframe, it is logical to leverage the mainframe in RPA initiatives. But accessing mainframe data can be more complicated. Since this data is business critical, utilizing RPA with the mainframe must be done right.
This webinar will give you information on a range of options for enabling the integration of host data into these RPA initiatives. Whether RPA developers prefer to integrate via web services or more traditional application programming interfaces, like HLLAPI or .NET, Micro Focus supports a programmatic interface that will optimally support the developer’s integration project.
Join a guest speaker from IDC for valuable insights and information on automation and the mainframe and hear from Micro Focus for simple technology steps you can adopt today to meet your RPA objectives.

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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