Case Study: B B Unternehmensberatung


Successfully bridging the old with the new to gain competitive advantage through reusing longstanding, trusted COBOL solutions.

Even though long-established COBOL applications are powering the core system operations supporting today’s business, IT strategy is always focused on next-generation investment.

Dr. Sören Kemmann, Managing Director for Micro Focus partner B B, is no stranger to this dilemma: “The core issue is often not with the application itself, but with the rigid infrastructure surrounding it and the lack of integration and fluid data exchange. Awkward, outdated technology was never designed to support today’s rapid pace of business change, let alone the next wave of technology."

How could we support clients to modernize mission-critical systems for flexible and cost-effective access to new channels and markets?

Read the full case study and solution here.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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