Vivit Webinar: Webinar: Unix to Linux - Net Express to Visual Cobol - Lift and Shift


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Your infrastructure may need to be upgraded at some point in time. While doing so, you may encounter some rather perplexing obstacles that you have never come across. Learn how to overcome some of these pitfalls to help move your Micro Focus COBOL into the modern age.

  • See how scripting can impact your code
  • Get some ideas on how to manage the performance of your system/code


Jerome Rose
Business Systems Analyst

  • Vivit COBOL SIG Leader, Jerome Rose with Infosys
  • Has over 25 years experience as a mainframe Cobol developer/analyst and more recently as a Business Systems Analyst in a distributed platform
  • Has interacted with many clients across markets but will definitely share his experience in two key areas; health care and finance

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Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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