An Introduction to ZENworks Mobile Workspace

by in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

It’s apparent now that BYOD is no longer a trend: It’s a reality. And for the most part, BYOD policies and practices make your end users happy and increases their productivity. The ability to work on personal mobile devices untethers users from the office, enabling them to work almost anywhere at any time they choose.

But, as you probably know, using personal devices at work introduces security risks. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions mitigate some risk. However, these solutions require employees to give up the privacy and control of their personal devices to the company, which is—to say the least—unpopular.

ZENworks Mobile Workspace—a mobile application management (MAM) solution—offers an alternative approach. It enables you to create a secure, company-controlled workspace (similar to an apps folder) on personal devices where corporate apps and data can reside. It’s kind of like the folder you have for games—except this corporate folder helps you stay productive using any device from any location at any time.

Say an employee loses their device. With MDM you would have to wipe that employee’s entire device, which would delete all of their personal data. With ZENworks Mobile Workspace, you simply have to wipe the workspace from the employee device if it’s lost or stolen.

In short, ZENworks Mobile Workspace offers secure access to company assets without stringent device restrictions or privacy violations.

More specifically, it enables your organization to provide:

    • Mobile email access: Your employees can conveniently access corporate email accounts in a secure container on their mobile device.


    • Containerized contact lists: Keep employee, customer, and partner contact info accessible and secure in a mobile device container.


    • Secure mobile calendars: Employee calendars—including appointments, meetings, and attachments—also stay protected via containers on mobile devices.


    • Mobile browser access: Provide off-site access to company intranet resources and web applications without having to expose them directly to the internet.

For more information about mobile application management, check out our product page.

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