Don’t Fall Victim to Ransomware — use Micro Focus to Protect Your Files

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As we prepare to turn the corner into 2018, there is one challenge that should be on every business leader’s mind and that is ransomware — that is, a dangerous type of malware that can hijack files and hold them until payment is received.

Ransomware-450x214.jpgIn many cases, it should be noted, hackers are actually keeping payments and destroying files anyway. So it’s a vicious form of cybercrime and a major threat that is now facing your organization.

Just how bad is the ransomware problem? It’s not pretty. At the recent Web Summit conference in Lisbon, for instance, Europol director Rob Wainright warned that his agency is seeing at least 4,000 ransomware attacks per day. And all signs indicate that this problem will continue to get worse in 2018 as hackers become better at using it, and the malware continues to evolve.

“What really concerns me is the sophistication of the capability, which is becoming good enough to really threaten parts of our critical infrastructure, certainly in the financial, banking sector,” Wainright was quoted as saying after the event.

So, what can you do to prevent ransomware attacks from harming your organization? Merely backing up files and educating employees about online safety is not enough. You need to take advanced measures to keep your files safe from a ransomware infection.

Micro Focus offers several solutions that can help in the fight against ransomware. These include:



    • Filr, for blocking certain files from syncing to the main server.

So don’t wait for your business to get hit with ransomware to take action! Protect your organization today. To learn more about how Micro Focus can help, click here.


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