Don’t Let Removable Media Compromise Your Business’s Cybersecurity

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Authorities in the U.K. are currently conducting an investigation after a suspicious USB device was discovered hiding in the bushes outside of Heathrow Airport in London.

Sources indicate that the USB stick contained 2.5GB of data, along with detailed sensitive information about the airport’s anti-terror measures and security. The device did not require a password to access the information, or contain any form of encryption — meaning the data would have been accessible to anyone who found it.

USB.pngFortunately, the device was discovered by a local citizen who informed police after plugging the device into his machine and discovering what it contained. The citizen discovered 76 folders containing videos, maps, documents and other sensitive details. There were at least 174 documents in total on the device, some of which was marked as confidential or restricted.

As of right now, it is unclear whether this incident was an accident or a deliberate attempt to undermine the airport’s security.

So take this as a warning: This could easily happen to your organization if you don’t take active measures to safeguard against it. All it takes is an accident, like a USB drive getting lost or stolen, or a deliberate act of ill intent to cause a massive data breach.

Micro Focus offers ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, which provides security features like personal firewalls, anti-malware and encryption services for portable devices. This product works with CD-R/W, DVD /-R/W; floppy drives, USB thumb drives; zip drives; flash memory cards; MP3 players; SCSI PCMCIA cards and more.

Administrators can use ZENworks Endpoint Security Management to set policy-based restrictions, safeguard against unauditable transactions and establish serial number-based control for specific devices. It also allows storage drives to be disabled or placed in read-only mode while using network drives and endpoint hard drives.

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