Don't let your Service Desk Tickets Stall - Assign a Delegate

by Micro Focus Employee in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

ZENworks Service Desk announced a new Delegate Role in ZSD v8.3.

The Delegate Role is an important new feature that ensures someone is assigned to manage the requests as a customer is on leave or holiday so the requests do not not stall. 

What is a Delegate?
An individual that can manage requests on behalf of the Customer via proxy or as a deputy or sudo technician.
Or a Team lead that needs to watch over staff requests.
By assigning a delegate to a customer while away keeps the request in motion.

See a Delegate scenario video here.

How do I assign a Delegate Role to someone?
The Delegate is a sudo Technician so the Delegate will need to have the Technician Role (even if a customer).
Go to the Customer that is going on leave and assign a Delegate in the Technician list.


Once assigned the Delegate will get an alert in their Customer Portal.



At this time they can go to the Technician Portal to view and manage the delegated tickets through a My Delegate Filter.
They can manage the requests while the Customer is away.


How to get all the information assigned correctly?

To facilitate the ease of requesting a delegate invoke a Dynamic Form in the mix to gather all the information that is needed to assign the delegate.


Couple that with a Quick Call to make requesting a delegate easier for the Customer.


How can customer access these automated processes?

These techniques will allow your customers to easily request a delegate with all the needed information through the Store Portal and/or creating a new request.  This will allow the delegate to manage the customers requests while they are away.



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