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 Micro Focus Universe 2022, our annual partner and customer event, is rapidly approaching. With so many sessions, it can be hard to keep track. Here’s a breakdown of the ZENworks sessions to help with your endpoint management strategies.

Micro Focus ZENworks is a comprehensive solution to manage, secure, protect, back up, and analyze your endpoint devices anywhere, from a single pane of glass.

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*A note for navigating Universe sessions: Some of the sessions below are not part of the main Universe track and will be found in the Explore Zone. These can be viewed at your leisure throughout your experience at Universe. They will be posted one week before Universe under the Explore Zone section. (Keep a mental note for now). We also have Live Studio sessions that can be viewed in the agenda builder.  

Join the following sessions (for FREE) to discover ways to better manage your endpoints securely and efficiently, all at lower costs:

ZENworks Sessions:

Reduce Complexity: Unify Your Endpoint Management and Securely Backup User Data

In this session, learn:

  • How you can manage your desktop and mobile devices
  • How you can protect and secure your devices against multiple threats
  • How you can back up and secure data on devices

Leverage Application Streaming and Device Management to Support the Remote Worker

In this session, you will explore:

  • Managing your remote devices
  • Providing secure access to corporate data to your remote workers
  • Providing application access to any location and on any platform or device
  • Leveraging existing investments in policies, processes, hardware, software, and data to the anywhere endpoints

Unified Endpoint Management Roadmap

In this session, you will learn:

  • What challenges and experiences are driving our Unified Endpoint Management and Protection vision
  • How the ZENworks and Connected products provide a Unified Endpoint Management and Protection solution
  • The roadmap direction and focus for the upcoming ZENworks and Connected releases

Implementing Application Streaming as a Lower Cost Alternative to VDI – How Micro Focus Desktop Container Application Streaming & Packaging can work in tandem or replace your current VDI Solution

In this session, you will learn:

  • How using MFDC in tandem with your VDI solution can supplement remote users needs.
  • How this solution can save resources and time, resulting in lowered costs.
  • About power of provisioning applications and secure data access for workers on the go.
  • How remote workers can move locations without losing their streaming session.
  • About employing current investments in storage providers, infrastructure, data drive locations and other established protocols and processes.

Protect ZENworks using Multi Factor Authentication – Secure access to ZENworks Control Center using Advanced Authentication

In this session, you will experience:

  • The setting up of Advanced Authentication within ZENworks
  • A demo of accessing ZENworks Control Center with Advanced Authentication in place
  • A discussion of the licensing options for Advanced Authentication

ZENworks Reporting – Get business insights about your endpoint estate with an easy to use reporting solution

In this session, learn:

  • How ZENworks Reporting can complement the in-built reporting in ZENworks
  • How to easily create reports and charts for common use cases
  • How to create Dashboards in ZENworks Reporting

Using a Windows or Linux Server for ZENworks? - Make a switch to ZENworks Virtual Appliance today!

In this session, learn:

  • The advantages of ZENworks Virtual Appliance over Windows or Linux Server
  • The management tools available in ZENworks Virtual Appliance
  • How to migrate to ZENworks Virtual Appliance

Implement a Self-Service Store with ZENworks Service Desk – Why use ZSD Store and the Benefits?

In this session, you will explore:

  • How to enable and configure the ZSD Store
  • Which ZSD Store capabilities can remove redundant processes with immediate response and resolution
  • How to configure User Self-Provisioning and approvals to reduce the need for Help Desk or technician assistance
  • How to integrate other products like ZENworks Configuration Management to streamline automation

Malware Attacks – Protecting Windows Endpoint Devices with ZENworks

In this session, learn about:

  • The best practices to be followed during ZENworks upgrade
  • Some lesser-known tips to smooth your ZENworks 2020 Update 2 experience
  • How to troubleshoot your way out of a sticky upgrade

Modern Management – Manage your Windows devices with ZENworks using Modern Management paradigm

In this session, explore:

  • Provisioning of devices using Windows Autopilot
  • Agentless management of Windows devices
  • Benefits and simplicity of dual management of devices using MDM and the ZENworks Agent

Application access anywhere with Application Streaming – How Micro Focus Desktop Container Application Streaming & Packaging can provide access from everywhere securely and controlled in the digital workspace.

In this session you will learn:

  • About the power of provisioning applications and secure data access for workers on the go
  • How this digital workspace can establish connections and keep them persistent if they are moving between locations
  • How to connect Application Streaming to the academic digital workspace by integrating with other LMS providers
  • How the digital workspace can be integrated with current investments in Storage Providers
  • How Application Streaming can leverage your current infrastructure by using established network drives, DNS load balancing, NLS, network security groups, and other established protocols and processes

ZENworks Security - Best Practices for Hardening Your ZENworks Environment

In this session, you will learn best practices for:

  • Configuring ZENworks Servers for secure and authenticated communication with managed devices
  • Ensuring that only authorized devices can register
  • Controlling access to both client (device) and administrative web services on ZENworks Servers
  • Configuring firewall access

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Universe is March 22 and 23, 2022.


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