GroupWise, TeamWorks and Enterprise Messaging 18.2 Released with Ideas from our Customers

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I am pleased to announce that Micro Focus has released the 18.2 versions of GroupWise and TeamWorks that are integral pieces of Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging. For our customers on maintenance for GroupWise or Enterprise Messaging these updates will be available in your customer center soon if they are not there already.

For GroupWise there are some significant updates available in 18.2 that include:

  • New GroupWise Web client
  • File Transfer in Messenger
  • Signature Templates with Variables
  • Create Personal Signatures using Global Templates from GroupWise Admin (Requires Mailbox Management or Enterprise Messaging)
  • Manage Vacation rules from GroupWise Admin (Requires Mailbox Management or Enterprise Messaging)
  • Introduction of Docker containers in the GroupWise Architecture
  • More!

GroupWise, TeamWorks and Enterprise Messaging 18.2 Released with Ideas from our Customers.pngMost of the features available in this release come directly from our customers and partners interaction and voting in the Ideas Portal. In fact, over 17 top Ideas were implemented in this 18.2 release.  (Look for updated information on Ideas in a future blog post).

Probably the most significant portion of this release is the introduction of a new GroupWise Web Client.   The new GroupWise Web has been in tech preview for several months now so many of you have seen it. For those of you that haven’t, I am excited for you to try it. GroupWise Web was rebuilt from scratch and designed with Mobile devices in mind. It is completely responsive in its design.   It looks fresh and new and exciting.  This new GroupWise Web will replace GroupWise Web Access in the next release of GroupWise. For this version we will continue to support both, however any new features, patches, updates etc. will only come to the new GroupWise Web. While the new GroupWise Web has features that Web Access does not have, such as Drag and Drop attachments, Quick Viewer, better Mobile experience and more, there are some features that are not yet available such as Proxy. At this time, you can choose what version you would like your users to use. You can use the new GroupWise Web, the current Web Access or both until the next release of GroupWise that will only ship with GroupWise Web.

One more feature that I wanted to call out here that also comes directly from our customers and partners voting in Ideas is that Messenger now supports file transfer! We were not able to get this in the last two updates and I am pleased to finally be able to deliver that long awaited enhancement request.

For our Enterprise Messaging customers that use TeamWorks this release introduces a significant new feature that will greatly enhance Team Collaboration in the Enterprise. TeamWorks 18.2 introduces online co-editing of documents. If your teams share files in their TeamWorks rooms they can now open them on work on them together. Users can edit a wide variety of files including Word, PPT, Excel, and Libre Office document types as well.  

Part of the vision and direction for these products in our Collaboration portfolio is to be able to provide our customers with a cloud experience without the costs of migration and surrendering your data to someone else. The new GroupWise Web and online co-editing features releasing in 18.2 versions of these products greatly advances that user experience.


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