Happy New Year from the End User Computing team at Micro Focus!

by in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

As we enter 2020, I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of our customers, partners and even our employees for your use and commitment to the Micro Focus End User Computing products. In the last quarter of 2019, we refreshed almost all the products in the portfolio. These updates include:

Happy New Year from the End User Computing team at Micro Focus.jpg

  • ZENworks 2020. This major release of ZENworks offers key new capabilities related to identifying, remediating and tracking software vulnerabilities; improving bundle status accuracy and visibility; and several customer-ideas that help improve usability and reduce the time needed to use ZENworks to deploy software.
  • Filr 4.1. This important release provides new secure, cloud-like co-editing capabilities as part of Filr Advanced allowing Filr users to be more effective in collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders. Filr 4.1 also provides new capabilities making it easier to download files to your mobile devices.
  • Enterprise Messaging 18.2. Enterprise Messaging has new versions of all your favorite collaboration tools. This includes a brand new web client that gives a modern, responsive interface for access your email through a browser; makes it easy to send files via GroupWise Messenger; and brings important search enhancements and the same secure, cloud-like co-editing capabilities introduced in Filr Advanced to the Teamworks product.
  • Secure Messaging Gateway 7. The latest Secure Messaging Gateway release transforms the SMG appliance to be based on the common SLES-based virtual appliance shared across the portfolio.

We hope that as you begin to implement these solutions in your own environments that they help improve your end-user’s satisfaction and efficiency, help you deliver better business results, and reduce the overall costs of your end-user computing environment. We look forward to a year full of delivering additional continued value to you and to interacting with you at events, webinars, and in discussion forums, including the Collaboration Community site. Happy New Year!