How Good is Mobile Device Support in Your Enterprise? – Webinar Coming-up!

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There are now more mobile devices in the world than people, and a large percentage of them are being used for business activities as either corporate-owned or BYOD devices. It’s part of the consumerization of IT trend that has seen mobile devices become a key tool in business productivity, enabling employees to remain in contact even when not at their desks. However, despite the tremendous benefits of enterprise mobility to businesses and their customers, mobile devices and applications are not immune to bugs and other common tech problems (think blue screen of death, mobile style).

Naturally, as soon as a device or a specific mobile app experiences issues, users call or submit a trouble ticket to IT, which then seeks to resolve the issue.  The key for businesses is how quickly they are able to resolve these issues.  The problem is – as anyone who has ever tried to help a friend, colleague or family member resolve any tech issues knows – it’s much harder (often impossible) to troubleshoot apps and devices without being able to see them.  Given the very reason mobile devices have become such an important part of corporate culture, that’s not always a realistic ask. Fortunately, there are solutions available to bridge the geographic gap between users and IT.

RDS (Remote Device Support) from Notify Technology, for instance, was created specifically to address the challenges of supporting mobile devices across distances.  NotifyRDS is a real-time mobile device support application that allows IT support organizations to view users’ screens in real time to be able to mirror their experiences to be able to provide effective support for device or application issues.

There are basically two components to the NotifyRDS application. The mobile device component is downloadable from either the iTunes or Google Play Store and the other is a help desk component which runs on Windows or MAC desktop/laptop. Once the mobile app is installed and launched it will provide the end user with a 9-digit code, which they relay to their support rep, who uses that code to connect to their mobile device to initiate the real time screen viewing of the user’s screen.  All data between the mobile device and help desk PC is transmitted using a secure connection that is encrypted.  The end user or support rep can terminate the connection at any time.

For ZENworks Configuration Management users, NotifyRDS can be deployed through your ZENworks deployment, making as easy to manage as any other enterprise apps.

The key is an easy tool to allow IT teams to use collaboration technology to provide immediate support and allow users to return to full operational capacity quickly.

Jason Blackett, director of product management for ZENworks, Micro Focus, and Paul DePond, CEO, Notify Technology, will co-deliver a webinar on July, 25, 2018 (11:00 am EDT / 9:00 am MDT) called Improving Mobile Support with NotifyRDS.  They’ll discuss why it’s so important for support teams to be able to actually see what’s happening on users’ mobile devices in order to be able to troubleshoot them. Their discussion will get into many of the specific details of NotifyRDS and how it can be used with ZENworks.

If you have mobile users in your enterprise – whether you are a ZENworks customer or not – this is a can’t miss discussion.  Register today.

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