How ZENworks addresses MDM in the Remote Era

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header.jpgIn his recent TechBeacon article, MDM in the remote era: 4 trends that matter to your security, Matthew David provided key insights into trends that matter for endpoint devices in the work-from-anywhere world we find ourselves in. Micro Focus is hard at work ensuring that our ZENworks solution allows you to manage, secure, and protect all of your endpoint devices as well as the data they’re accessing. Let’s examine three of the ways that ZENworks can address trends discussed in the article.

Modern Device Management expands Endpoint device scope

Unified Endpoint Management is about evolving endpoint management so that you have a single tool to manage all devices. Instead of a collection of disparate management tools, you have a single tool to manage all of your devices. ZENworks provides the ability to manage your iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices from a single location – a single pane of glass. On Windows, Linux, and Mac, ZENworks offers rich client management functionality provided by the ZENworks adaptive agent, while on iOS and Android we leverage the in-built MDM capabilities. As we move forward, ZENworks is beginning to leverage the in-built MDM capabilities of modern operating systems such as Windows 10. When ZENworks 2020 Update 2 is released later this year it will include support for Autopilot deployments, deploying MDM CSP-based policies, and delivering applications to devices without a ZENworks agent installed.

On the mobile device side, ZENworks provides a rich set of policies and capabilities that make it easy for users to enroll their devices, limit access appropriately, and protect their data. Earlier this year these capabilities were noted by IDC when Micro Focus was recognized as a leader in the Unified Endpoint Management market for Small and Medium-sized businesses and a major player in the broader Unified Endpoint Management market.

If you add Micro Focus Filr to the solution, you also have a great way to ensure that your end-user can securely access and collaborate on the rich data available on your servers from any mobile, desktop, or web device.

Android and iOS get into the MDM game

Matthew David makes mention of several capabilities that have been added to iOS and Android over the last several releases. ZENworks provides support for many of these, including automated device enrollment so that devices can be drop-shipped to end-users and automatically enrolled to the MDM system as part of the initial setup. ZENworks also provides support for Android Enterprise devices in both Fully Managed and Work Profile modes. This allows you to manage either the device itself or a secure profile on the device associated with the user’s work account to prevent corporate data from flowing out of corporate applications and into personal ones installed on the same device. ZENworks also allows you to manage the deferment of iOS and Android updates as well as forcing specific OS updates out to iOS devices.

As you can see, Micro Focus is committed to ensuring you have a great way to manage your mobile devices, whether they are user-owned or company-owned, from the ZENworks UEM solution.

MDM takes on the app stores

Android and iOS both provide strong mobile device management APIs for their app stores that EMM and UEM vendors alike can leverage to help manage applications on mobile devices. ZENworks fully embraces important application repositories as well as supporting the deployment of in-house developed applications. With support for the Apple Volume Purchasing Program and Android Play for Work, ZENworks allows you to distribute applications to all your mobile devices and even allows you to provision the licenses for them. This means that for corporate applications admins can purchase applications on behalf of the company, temporarily assign them to users, and redistribute them as needed. From the ZENworks Control Center you can even see what license are in use, by whom, and what licenses are remaining, as shown below:


Applications distributed by ZENworks can also be removed from the device, along with any corresponding data. On iOS, additional controls exist to prevent data from corporate applications from being backed up to the personal cloud.  Finally, ZENworks provides the ability for administrators to pre-configure applications as part of deployment using application configuration. This allows administrators to define a set of key-value pairs or an iOS plist file that the application expects so that application configuration such as server addresses, ports, or other values can be configured without input from the user.

If you are looking for a solution to manage all your endpoint devices wherever they may be, check out what ZENworks can do for you.


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