Improving Ticket Handling with ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1

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Today I am pleased to announce the release of ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1. ZENworks Service Desk is an ITIL-focused service desk solution that provides a simple to deploy, low-resource solution, that is integrated with the ZENworks Unified Endpoint Management solution, designed for mid-sized customers looking to improve user satisfaction, technician efficiency, and overall alignment with the business.

ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 is a minor, but important release that is tightly focused on improving the ticket request handling experience that was introduced in ZENworks Service Desk 8.2. Here is a quick look at what’s new in this important release:

  • Update the status of a ticket when adding a note. Adding notes to tickets and changing the status of the ticket are probably the two most common tasks that a Service Desk technician performs daily. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1, we added the ability to update the status as part of a note, eliminating time and clicks.

  • Improved ticket creation workflow. Based on feedback from you, we’ve made several small, but important improvements to the overall ticket creation workflow.
    These include:
    • When creating requests as a technician, you can now choose to use a Quick Call in the main ticket creation workflow. This allows you to see the item selection, associated dynamic form, and more from the normal creation flow, instead of requiring the quick request process to be used.
    • You can now assign a dynamic form to one or more types of requests in addition to Quick Calls. This means that technicians can now benefit from the use of dynamic forms when opening any incident, service request, or change request – not just in a Quick Call. Technicians can easily select from the forms assigned to the request type to facilitate opening the ticket. 
    • Open request details after creation. After a ticket has been opened you can now click the request ID to immediately go to the ticket details or you can return to the request list.
    • Automatic expansion of first customer/item. When opening a ticket for a single user or item, the customer properties and item properties will now be automatically expanded so that you can fill out the request details more quickly.
    • View customer details from request. You can now easily click on the customer pop-up button to see the full details of the customer assigned to the request.
    • URLs in notes, descriptions, and subjects are now handled as links. This makes it easy for the technician to browse to the link embedded in the request.
    • Show selected items. A new checkbox allows the technician to filter out items that have not been selected when creating the ticket, making it quicker and easier to fill out the request.
  • Send customized emails as part of any workflow. ZENworks Service Desk provides a workflow designer that allows you to customize the lifecycle of each request type. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 we’ve added new capabilities that allow you to send a customized email, including using email macros when a ticket reaches a certain state. The email is sent to the user and technician and is also logged as a note in the ticket. Once the email is sent successfully, you can also configure the request to automatically transition to another state and determine whether the ticket is placed in the required user input state. This can help provide automated feedback or instructions to the user as the ticket progresses through the process.


  • Improved ZENworks integration. ZENworks Service Desk provides several integration capabilities with ZENworks including CMDB imports, an enterprise storefront, and remote control integration. ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 adds the following enhancements for ZENworks integration:
    • Customer-based remote control. When a customer opens a request and the technician wants to remote control the user, the ZENworks Service Desk interface will now present the technician with a list of all of the ZENworks devices where the customer is logged in, instead of just the machine associated with the request. This allows the technician to identify the user's machine quickly and resolve the user's request.

    • Store template and item shortcut location configuration. When using the ZENworks Service Desk enterprise store, administrators can publish ZENworks bundles to the store. In ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 you can now configure where the desktop application should appear or how the mobile application should be delivered when a bundle is provisioned through the store item template or for each item.
  • Hide older version Pages – As ZSD version 8.x evolves simplifying the view to combine all Requests on one page, there are some pages in v8.2.x that will Take Me There. These can be removed with new System Privileges – Hide Old Pages=Yes


ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 provides a host of enhancements designed to improve the technician’s quality of life. To update your ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 environment to 8.2.1, simply go to the Appliance Administration console (on:9443) in a web browser, log in and check for online updates and apply the latest updates. Once that’s complete you should be ready to begin using these great new features.


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