MFDC 22.1 Released Today!

by Micro Focus Employee in Team Collaboration and Endpoint Management

The Micro Focus Desktop Containers team has released MFDC v22.1.  After packaging software apps into secure, customized packages,these can then be deployed in your environment locally, or through the MFDC streaming server to provide your users - any packaged app, anywhere, on any platform. Consider MFDC as a low cost VDI alternative.

Maintaining and upkeep of clients applications can be cumbersome. 
MFDC Application Streaming and Packaging can simplify this process providing your users with their applications in a variety of ways by adding application streaming into the equation.  The ability to stream the applications, integrated with your corporate Network and Cloud Storage Providers, will keep access easy, secure and isolating the data where it's supposed to stay.  Virtual applications can be packaged for virtual use locally, remotely and through a web browser with the same common feel. 

For access this latest release download it from your Micro Focus Customer Portal (SLD).

MFDC v22.1 Application Server and Streaming has added new features in this minor release that provides ways to secure your streaming applications, tighten workspace navigation, improves streaming performance and time to launch applications, still providing access anywhere:

MFDC Application Streaming Services

  • Reduced Application Launch Times
  • Advanced Server Performance & Load Testing
  • Session Disconnect/Close Actions
  • Administrator Group setting for Federation
  • Show Password option
  • Compromised Password Warning option
  • Reduced Server Installer file size
  • Improved Workspace Administration Navigation

MFDC Packaging Studio

  • Minor fixes and adjustments
  • Uses the base MFDC Studio v21.11 version

Download the latest version to get these new features added to MFDC Application Streaming and Packaging version 22.1 from your SLD Portal.
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