Micro Focus Customers: Upgrade to Filr Advanced and Save

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Are you using Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES), Open Workgroup Suite or Filr Standard?

Here is an important update:

Micro Focus is now running a promotion that will allow you to upgrade to Filr Advanced at a special discounted rate of 50 percent on licenses.

First things first: What is Filr Advanced Edition?

Filr is a program that provides secure file storage and sharing for enterprise users. It allows users to access network folders and home directories from any location, securely, over a mobile device, desktop, laptop or the Internet.

Unlike many of the leading cloud-based file sharing programs on the market today, Filr utilizes on premise infrastructure — enabling a safer and more controlled storage and sharing service.

First introduced in October, 2016, Filr Advanced offers many of the same features that you will find in the Standard Edition (like the ability to leverage existing file servers and directory services, an email-free commenting and notification system, document quick search and more).

But there are also advanced capabilities in Filr Advanced, some of which include:

    • Custom branding: Filr clients can now be custom-designed to match your own corporate branding.
    • Improved collaboration: Net Folders can now be shared externally and internally.
    • Enhanced security: Filr Advanced now supports multifactor security, the ability to block certain file types that could be harmful to end users or the organization.

What’s more, Filr Advanced contains a special Outlook plugin which enables users to send large attachments through Filr instead of through the Exchange Server. It also comes with enhanced collaboration tools like file versioning.

Offer details

Customers upgrading from Flir Standard can now receive a flat 50 percent discount on licenses for Filr Advanced. This promotion runs between August 15, 2017 and October 31, 2017. It is available on both Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Master License Agreement (MLA) price lists.

This promotion only applies to “on maintenance” OES, Open Workgroup Suite and Filr Standard customers using perpetual licenses. Term and subscription customers have the option to renew on Filr Advanced at any time.

Additional details:

    • Initial and multi-year Filr Advanced maintenance will be sold at list price, save for any contractual or negotiated discounts.
    • OES and Open Workgroup Suite customers availing this promotion are required to buy Filr Standard licenses in order to continue using Filr Advanced before going off maintenance for OES or Open Workgroup Suite.
    • Entitled OES, Open Workgroup Suite and Filr-Standard customers must buy at least as many Filr Advanced upgrade SKUs as the number of OES, Open Workgroup Suite or Filr-Standard licenses they currently own to qualify for the promotion.
    • All Filr licenses need to be either Filr Advanced OR Filr Standard. Mixing of editions is not allowed.
    • Partners are eligible to use this promotion.

To learn more about why you should take advantage of this promotion and upgrade to Filr Advanced Edition, click here.

Also, click here to receive our pricing information, or contact your sales representative directly.

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