Micro Focus Cybersecurity 2019 | Threat Analysis Symposium in the Age of Ransomware

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Coming off the cusp of 2018, where Marriott and MyFitnessPal were just two among many who were hit with staggering losses from ransomware, network and endpoint security teams are pivoting toward Cybersecurity. Safeguarding corporate data and personally identifiable information have become paramount to IT’s mission. Yet employees require usability to carry out the essential functions behind business operations.

Threat Analysis Symposium.pngAt Micro Focus Cybersecurity 2019, you are invited to attend one of our biggest networking events and collaborate with industry peers and experts as they discuss what works in their holistic approach to network and endpoint security. Their knowledge, best practices, and stumbles along the way will help your organization find practical solutions for managing the complex challenges of data privacy and security breaches.

At Cybersecurity 2019, security ops, app security and risk management are front and center, but the forum is also about adopting an analytics-driven approach to securing your organization. Attendees will also have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skill set through product demos while getting valuable face time with experts from ArcSightNetIQFortifyVoltageZENworksSecure Content Management, and our new UEBA product family—Interset.

Here is a small taste of what’s to come.

Micro Focus Cybersecurity 2019 | Improve Network and Endpoint Security for Your Organization

The foundation for this event is an all-star lineup of customer speakers who have worked within this industry using ZENworks and Micro Focus to improve outcomes. They share insights, offer practical solutions they’ve implemented, and share the stories of their business-changing experiences.

Attendees can meet 1:1 with these executives, and speak with our product experts. Micro Focus plans to outline the roadmap ahead and demo some upcoming features with hands-on sessions. Cybersecurity 2019 is an excellent chance to gain advanced knowledge and insight into the kind of configurations that work best for your employees, all in a casual setting with a few key seminars on pressing topics.

Securing Your Devices and Data with a Unified Endpoint Management Solution

Every 53 seconds, one laptop is stolen. There were more than 18,000 vulnerability exploits in 2018 alone, compromising 945 organizations across the globe. Ransomware is the pressing threat of our time. Does your organization have a plan for the inevitable? Major companies like Equifax, FedEx, Orbitz, Aetna, and Marriott were all compromised. Is your business poised to secure and manage its endpoints efficiently through centralized administration? How are you navigating the boundaries between data privacy and end-user productivity?

Unified Endpoint Management Strategy and Roadmap

Much of an organization’s corporate data is housed on endpoint devices, where it’s become critical to protect and manage access to that data. This segmentation has made Unified Endpoint Management the most attractive option for protecting and securing devices and data in a manner that is identity-centric.

Tracking and Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities with ZENworks

In 2018, the U.S. National Vulnerability Database added Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) IDs for over 18,000 reported software security vulnerabilities. Almost 4,500 CVEs were added through April 2019 alone. The trend is an onslaught of 22,000 vulnerabilities with the ability to strike the heart of your organization through its endpoint devices. ZENworks mitigates these risks, from the detection of the vulnerability to remediation of the risk. See this functionality up close and meet the team behind it.

Cybersecurity 2019 | Threat Analysis from the Experts

Micro Focus Cybersecurity 2019 event is a symposium on the most pressing threats facing business in 2019, and beyond. With industry experts and product specialists in attendance, your organization will leave feeling equipped for the cybersecurity threats facing the year ahead. Advanced knowledge and insight change outcomes. Don’t miss this chance to see what’s new for ZENworks, and meet the industry professionals with a storied knowledge of threat analysis and Unified Endpoint Management.

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